Nothing will simplify the selection of a suitable gift such as a gift card of your favorite brand. Make your family or friends happy, or let others know that you wish to have your own gift card.


- The gift cards are available in our GATE stores in selected countries

- The card can be charged at any value according to the minimum and maximum limits for each country

- The card can be used for whole or partial purchase in the GATE stores in selected countries

- The gift card can be used multiple times

- The purchased amount will be deducted from the card and information on the outstanding credit will be available at the tills in the GATE stores in selected countries

- The card is not rechargeable. If the card’s balance is under the limit (set for each country), the balance will be paid out in cash

-The gift card is used as a substitution for cash, so keep a good eye on it


With the GATE gift card you can pay for the goods in all GATE stores in selected countries. The credit on the card is free of interest and will not be paid out in cash. The validity of the card is 2 years from the time of its activation. The card will be activated by a single purchase and recharged to the desired value. The card is not rechargeable. After the expiry of the deadline card loses its validity without further notice. With zero credit the card loses its effect immediately. GATE shall not be liable for any loss, damage, theft, or unauthorized use of the card. The rights associated with the gift card may be applied only with the current holder of the gift card. The gift card cannot be replaced or blocked. If you lose the gift card you also lose the ability to use the credit on the card to make purchase at GATE. This card is valid only in the country of its purchase. GATE reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.

For more questions regarding the gift cards you can contact our customer service to or our employees at our stores.